The opportunity to go to a party gives you an exciting chance to hang out with your friends, wear fancy clubwear dress and toClubwear dress develop new relationships by meeting other people. A party is a chance to socially interact with a variety of people who you would not meet ordinarily. Some of these new-found relationships will be long-lasting or short-term. There are a few safety tips though to remember while you are at a party. While at a party you may encounter situations that cause you to feel anxious or make you feel uncomfortable. By following the safety tips below you will be better able to handle any situation that might arise.

1. Do not accept drink from a stranger and be aware of your drink while you dance or go to the toilet. You may never know some strange people that can put some drug in your drink.  News have been reporting of women being attacked or raped while at parties. The date rape drug, Rohypnol and GHB, are tasteless, colorless and odorless. They can be slipped into an unsuspecting person’s drink and ingested by that person without their knowledge. This drug causes the victim to become incapacitated. This drug is banned for use in many countries but still people find ways to get a hold of it. If you feel these types of affects after drinking from your cup or someone else’s it is important to tell someone you trust and to go to the emergency room. Many women are attacked each year but by following several safety precautions parties can remain a safe and fun environment.

2. Never walk away with strangers and never be alone with someone you don’t know. Do not ever trust someone who will invite you for some hang-ups or even to smoke outside. Be very sensitive in acquaintances.

3. Tell someone where you are going. It is a precautionary measure to tell a family member or a friend the exact place of the party so that whatever happens and communication is not available, they can always start in where you are.

These tips are not meant to scare people or to cause people to avoid social-situations. Parties are a great way to socialize, interact and network with other people, and wear your favorite clubwear dresses in Dubai. The main thing is to remember that if you don’t feel comfortable then leave. Follow your own judgment that tells you when there are certain warning signs. Also, be aware of the dangers so you can protect yourself. This prevents a negative situation even before it begins. Most important have fun, stay safe and enjoy the party scene.

So you’re throwing an 80′s costume party but don’t know where to start. Worry no more because we’re here to help! Here are some tips that may come in handy. Read and incorporate them to your party to make sure you’ll host a successful one.

Let’s begin, shall we?

First, let’s discuss the music of your party. What you want to do is make your party flowing with some good old 80′s music. Basically, you want to start loading up your playlist right away. You need to have enough music for the duration of the party so you better start digging up old CDs immediately. If that’s not possible, you can always go to the Internet and download music. This is great for handling requests at your 80s party, as you have a music catalog of more than a hundred songs at your disposal.

80s costumesSecond thing that will talk about is the props for your party. This is important because you want to make people feel nostalgic. You want to pursue a total flashback feel.  So you will need party decorations and props from the 80′s scattered around the room. One of the things you can use as a prop is a Rubik’s Cubes. Nothing brings back thoughts of the 80′s like that multicolored cube does. But this is totally up to you. Do some research on the old 80′s trends to guide you when deciding for party props.

Third, you need to set a theme for your 80s costumes. This is probably the most fun part. The 80′s era is very broad and you can narrow the costume selections down by choosing a theme. This can also save your guests from a lot of headache finding 80s costumes in Dubai. You can set the theme to 80′s movie, 80′s music, 80′s most controversial events, or anything you can think of about the 80′s.

And the last thing you need to arrange is the food and drinks for your guests. When people think of 80′s, they don’t only think of leggings, mullets, or punk rock, they also think about pizza and beer or coke. You can never go wrong with this. You can also include some finger food like pigs in a blanket or mini sandwiches.

Basically, every personnel in the food service industry will have to deal with customer complaints at some point in their job. Whether it’s something as simple as getting the wrong order at a fast food restaurant or a service complaint at a high-end restaurant, how you handle the complaint makes all the difference. Handling complaints are as tough as organizing restaurant kitchen equipment for a restaurant. Listen to the customer’s concern, be sympathetic and do whatever you can to fix the problem immediately. Train your employees not to assign blame to others or make excuses, but to just be responsive to the customer. Take advantage of the experience to make improvements to your products or service as necessary. Here are some simple steps on handling the complaints.

kitchen equipment

1. Focus your complete attention on the unsatisfied customer and allow him to express his complaint without interruption. Listen fully to what he is saying. If the situation is complicated, take down notes so he knows you’re taking him seriously and he is being heard.

2. Apologize to the customer for the problem, empathize with his situation and assure him you will act immediately to address his complaint. This is not the time to worry about who is to blame or to make excuses. Remain calm and try to keep the situation from getting worse.

3. Ask the customer what you can do to resolve the problem. . It is not restaurant secrets  to volunteer replace cold food, accidental inclusions of kitchen equipment, or a mistaken order immediately and make sure the kitchen staff understands the urgency of the situation. If the customer’s complaint is more involved, or he remains unsatisfied in spite of your efforts, offer to bring your manager to speak with him. Customers may feel better talking to someone “in authority” when they have a complaint.

4. Make extra efforts to mend the situation. Offer a discount off that day’s meal or a certificate for a future meal at the restaurant. Ask if there is anything else you can do to help the customer feel better about the situation.

5. Learn from the situation. Customer complaints often identify specific service or process issues that need improvement. Implement changes as soon as possible as appropriate to prevent problem situations from repeating. Be sure all employees are trained and aware of how to handle customer complaints, what types of things they are empowered to do themselves to address them and when they should request a manager’s involvement.

Entertainment for eventsSure that as an adult, you learn to appreciate theatrical plays and take time to watch every now and then. You want your child to feel the same passion as yours, but doesn’t know what will bring it to the little one. Here are some guides in making the experience memorable for your precious one.

1. Choose the right show. Be sure that the play is appropriate for your kid’s age. If you picked the right show, most probably, your child will enjoy the child-friendly show with all the bright costumes, jolly jokes the Entertainment for events has prepared, and be engaged with the scenes they can relate to.

2. Research about the play. Learn about the story of the play, its character and even settings. In this way, you can introduce the show to your child beforehand.  If there is a book about the play, you can read it together.

3. Set your rules. Guide your child in the proper behavior to be displayed inside the theater. Explain to him or her that the actors will be destructed when there are a lot of noise to be heard. But you can also show them that you can join the crowd and the actors during a happy scene.

4. Make sure that your kid has enough rest. Before going to a show, make sure that your kid has slept enough hours of sleep, so as not to get cranky in the middle of the play. Also, eat together before leaving. If you need to bring some snacks, make sure that it will not create a lot of noise or bring very smelly in an air-conditioned room.

5. Be prepared to leave. If some notorious character or villains that event entertainment in Dubai annoys your child or make your little one get too scared to look into, be ready to take your child out of the room. You can explain to him or her that it was just part of the show or that these are only make-up and costumes, but don’t ever force your kid to return until he or she is settled so as not to create a trauma afterwards.

We often buy some expensive home cleaners that we think are of high quality, but most of them are hazardous. But there’s aBest cleaning services cleanser that’s just as impressive and ridiculously inexpensive, but you’ll find it in any supermarket. It’s also nontoxic, meaning it won’t introduce any potentially hazardous substances to the home, water supply or hands of your kids.

We’re talking about baking soda, also called bicarbonate of soda or sodium bicarbonate. This product that is used in baking cakes also has a number of cleaning applications that even best cleaning services might actually use. Although it’s mild enough to use on most household surfaces, this article focuses on uses in the bathroom.


The minerals in standing water can stain the porcelain that needs strong cleansers to be removed. Brown- and rust-colored rings can be a particular problem in areas that have mineral-rich water, also known as hard water.

You can use baking soda here by making a simple routine part of your weekly cleaning: Sprinkle the toilet with cup of baking soda. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then spray or squirt with vinegar (a mild acid) to moisten. Scrub with a bowl brush and flush away.

Shower Doors

Soapy water spots and stray flecks of toothpaste or shaving cream add an unattractive touch to glass doors. Most cleaning professionals like discourage using common scouring powders to clean shower doors because the tiny, gritty granules that scrub off strains can also leave tiny scratches.

Baking soda, in contrast, is a salt that dissolves in water. Sprinkle a little on a damp sponge and wipe down the glass. Rinse well and dry. For a really sharp finish, use a squeegee to avoid leaving lint and to minimize streaks.

Drains and Faucets

As water pools around faucets and drains, the minerals settle to the bottom and eventually leaves the sink or tub with a rocky little ridge of calcium carbonate, also known as limescale or simply lime. When you use vinegar in cleaning, it dissolves lime without harming meta, but  works more slowly, however, and must be applied continuously. To keep vinegar from drying up or running off before it can do its work, mix it with baking soda to form a paste. Thoroughly coat the lime. Let it sit for a few hours, then rinse off. Heavy deposits may take several applications to get rid of.

Stone Tile

Stone tile is popular for bathrooms walls, floors and vanities for its beauty and durability. It stands up to heavy foot traffic and steamy showers. Yet many types of stone are etched or dulled by the acids in commercial cleaners. That includes marble, limestone, porcelain and other unglazed ceramics. Dubai cleaning services recommend pH-neutral cleansers for everyday care and to clean light stains, like mud splatters that don’t penetrate the surface. Stone tile sponges up oily stains like lipstick, nail polish and baby oil, however. These require alkaline cleansers

With a pH of around 9, baking soda makes a good spot-cleaning poultice. Coat the stain with a thick paste of baking soda and water. Give the poultice 24 to 48 hours to draw out the stain, and then rinse and dry the surface thoroughly.

The Air

Many people are using baking soda to absorb odors in the refrigerator works and it works as well in the bathroom. If the sight of an open box seems unaesthetic, mix the soda into your favorite scented bath salts. Set the mixture in a pretty dish on the back of the toilet tank. Its freshening power should last for about 3 months.

If you want to excel in portfolio management, corporate finance or economics, acquiring a chartered financial analyst designation can definitely strengthen your stand among the competition. This certification is sought after by many investment professionals but the journey to achieving this title isn’t really a walk in the park.

CFA Level 1When you decide to be a Chartered Financial Analyst, you should prepare yourself as your intellect, patience and attentiveness will truly be tested. Although most exam takers go for the self-study approach for, the professionals recommend having a proper CFA Level 1 Training in UAE.

Examinee who take up CFA program that takes a generalist approach to investment analysis, valuation and portfolio management, and emphasizes the highest ethical and professional standards.

The CFA program consists of three exams: CFA Level I, Level II and Level III. But let’s place focus on CFA Level 1. This exam takes for up to 6 hours, divided into two sessions: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. When you take the exam, you will have to answer 120 questions in the morning and 120 in the afternoon. All of these are multiple- choice questions.

You may think that this is easy but think again. Genesis Institute CFA Training says that there is only a 37% passing rate to this first level exam. A multiple-choice exam structure can really be confusing especially if the choices provided are close from each other. You have to be very careful while selecting the right choice as the test providers have crafter the questions intelligently.

The exam concentrates on the basic knowledge and comprehension of tools and concepts of investment valuation and portfolio management. The curriculum consists of 10 topics that are grouped into four areas:

  • Ethical and professional standards – This is a very important section and you will be asked approximately 36 questions on the subject.
  • Investment tools – Here you will be tested on the basics of futures, forwards, swaps, options and hedging techniques using investment tools.
  • Asset classes – To be able to perfect this, you are required to understand the characteristics of various assets.
  • Portfolio management and wealth planning – This section focuses more on the application of all your knowledge on portfolio management.

Soleadea Online level 1 CFA® Mock Exam – peer comparision from Piotr Toczyński on Vimeo.

The reality is that many old people are not being taken care of nowadays. Maybe there are acceptable reasons that made some Elderly home care in Dubairelatives leave their kin, but it’s just a ghastly feeling to see them cold and hungry, alone in the streets. If you happen to have loved ones who are getting in the sunset of their lives, you might be thinking to provide attention to their future needs.

Health Care – Health is the most essential need when talking about elderly needs. One’s body tends to slowly be less active and older people are prone to serious diseases. If one decided to let their elderly member stay in elderly home care in Dubai, they should remind the nursing aids of the health requirements of their loved ones.

Financial needs – everyone needs money to buy necessities. If an elderly has a pension benefit then he or she has a steady income that will sustain his or her basic needs. But for those that don’t have, it is the support of a family member that calls for the action. After all, they deserve to be supported as much they support you during their prime years.

Housing. People who get old prefer more to stay at home and do less activity. One can hire a nurse if they want their family member to stay in their house or put them in an elderly home care that should feel like home as well and will be able to support their physical and emotional needs. Sometimes, it is also good for them to be with the people of their age for some interaction.

Dietary Needs – Often diet of an elderly needs to be adjusted according their medical conditions. This should be seriously paid attention at especially that their digestive process and food intake will never be the same 20 years ago.

Physical Fitness. An elderly needs to take care of his or her physical body, not only though medicines, but also in improving its strength or at least maintain its condition. A good walk in the park or in the neigborhood will do.


Types of life insuranceYou had a perfect surprise wedding proposal where your boyfriend planned it on a top of a mountain and yelled how much he loves you. You had an engagement party and your wedding is a bliss. Everything seems perfect.   Then you realize you have to live with your spouse alone and start building the family of your own. You suddenly thought of the washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cooking and taking care of your plants that you want in your garden. All of these are done for you by your mother or the helper in the house. Yes, you told yourself you’re matured to handle these things but still to begin to worry and overwhelmed. Now what?

Of course, your mom will be always at your side, but it’s better to learn it on your own since you will also be taking care of your own kids. Take things slowly and eventually everything will fall into place and you got the hang of it. Here are things you have to decide right after or even before the wedding.

  • You have to have a place of your own. You can opt to rent an apartment or better if you can buy your own house immediately. You have the options to stay from flats or studio types to villas and decide from different types of life insurance to acquire. This will be agreed on base on your priorities like privacy, budget or even work proximity.
  • Plan when to have a baby. Talk with your husband about having children. He might be thinking a different timeline for this and there are still many factors to consider like financial stability and career issues. Somehow, you had a conversation about this when you were engaged; nevertheless, it’s better to have a certain deal after all.
  • Decide on the division of tasks especially when it comes to handling the budget. Conservatively, the budget has to be in the hands of the wife, but of course, it depends on your preference. Also, talk about the household chores especially if the both of you are working on full time basis.
  • Have a financial plan. Are your going to split the expenses between you and your husband? Or maybe he can pay the rent and bills while you shoulder the groceries. Are you going to have a car and or even life Insurance in UAE as an investment and means of savings?

If you are an aspiring videographer, you maybe amaze of the cinematography or Hollywood movies and you want to try it Post Production Companiesyourself. But before you achieve that, here are some basic video shots that a beginner like you must know. These are the foundation that even post production companies suggests that anyone can learn.



Establishing Shot: It is the shot used to set the scene at the start of the film. Most commonly the establishing shot is a wide landscape style of shot.

Long Shot: Normally shows the scene to scale. For example, a person would be fully in the scene with their head and feet coming close to the top and bottom edges of the screen. The background would be clear enough to understand the setting, however not focused on like in an establishing shot.

Medium Shot: An above-the-waist height. This shot focuses on between one to three people in a scene with a minimal background as the location has previously been established.

Close-Up: Tight view of a face, upper body or object. Very little of the background in focus. All the focus is on the one thing in the scene. For example, a character’s facial expression would be well shot as a close-up.



A zoom shot is really easy to understand, simply zooming the camera in or out to include more or less of the scene. The camera stays still and never moves. Zooming out is used to show the viewer more of the scene or incorporate other characters into the scene. Whereas zooming in is used to focus on an object or person.


A pan shot is when you rotate the camera along the horizontal axis to bring the viewer on another point in the scene.

There a few different types of panning shots that post production companies in Dubai use including:

A Following Pan: Follows a character or object in the scene, such as a car driving down a road.

A Surveying Pan: Often used for a climax as the camera searches the scene for a point of interest. Often used in horror movies for shock value.

A pan often ends with a couple of seconds of no movement. It slows down the shot and makes the next cut more natural.


The tilt is practically the same as the pan however instead of moving the camera left or right, you simple move it up or down.

Every parent desires for a healthy kids not only physically, but mentally as well as emotionally. Having that, these parents want Villas in Dubai Springsalso aspire for their children to show good manners and be a good contribution to the country they in.

If you are a new parent, or just clueless on how you can inspire by following these simple ways to get you started in raising a well-mannered child.

Set Example. If you want your child to model manners, you must make sure you do as well. This is definitely not an area in which you can get them to do as you say and not as you do. First step to having a mannerly child is being a mannerly parent.

Practice at home. As learning a new skill needs practice, your child also needs to have lots of practice in the fine art of social graces. Take time to engage in role playing with your son or daughter while you are in your villas in Dubai Springs. For instance, practice how to be courteous when using the telephone or greeting visitors.

Give your child the words. There are 5 words that should be among the first in every child’s primary vocabulary. These should be used while speaking to children as young as 6 months old. Try this when your infant, toddler or young child tries to grab something from you from baby strollers in Dubai, you withhold the item and direct them to ask politely. You say to them something like, “Say please.” Or with an older child you might direct him or her to use the whole sentence and “Say, mom, may I please have a piece of cookie?” Here are five phrases that your child must master ‘Thank you.’ ‘Please?’ ‘May I …’ ‘Excuse me.’ And ‘No, thank you.’

Give your child positive support. Children love praise, especially when it comes from a parent or loved one. Very often parents respond only to their children’s undesirable behavior, ignoring their achievements and positive actions completely. This choice may actually have the reverse result. Children want attention anyway they can get it-even if that means doing bad things.

Be patient. It is true that most children are self-centered by nature. Every parent recognizes this very early in the parenting charge. Again stay encouraged, just as with anyone learning how to do what is right, children need time to understand how to be mannerly. Teach them the importance of respecting others’ feelings and needs and you will go a long way toward achieving this end. As they learn to listen more, speak less, esteem others and humble themselves their golden rule behavior will begin to shine forth.

Teach table manners. As soon as your child learns to eat solid food, put him or her in a high chair while eating on the table in your house Dubai springs. This way your kid will be practice that eating on the table is as normal thing to do rather than running after him while giving the meal.  

Correct your child on the spot. Very young children often times don’t realize what they are doing. For example, if you are speaking with a friend and your child interrupts you. Beg your friend’s pardon and let your child know that his or her interruption is inappropriate. Or if your child calls an adult by his or her first name, take the moment to correct him or her. Make sure you use sensitivity in these types of situations. If you have an overly sensitive child you might want to excuse yourself and speak with him or her privately.

Speak well. Speech habits are so important. Often parents may sabotage their children’s speech patterns by using slang and lazy habits themselves. Again, this is an area in which you need to model the correct behavior. Unless you want your child to speak in a sloppy, slang-ridden way, be well-spoken yourself.